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Developing Reading For Life at Tintagel Primary School


˜If I was caught reading a book in our house, my parents would come up to me and say, "Haven't you got anything to do?"  

Benjamin Zephaniah


From their earliest encounters with print, to the time they leave school and beyond, literature offers children a window onto the world and helps them to develop greater insight into the world and a deeper understanding of life itself. Through reading, a child is given multiple opportunities to encounter new experiences and make connections beyond their immediate horizons. Simultaneously however, a book can enable a child to make sense of and come to terms with personal circumstances and issues close to them.


We aim to nurture a love of books and encourage and enable children to become readers for life. In order to facilitate this, we aim to provide children with the effective reading strategies which are vital in enabling them to become fluent, responsive readers. We aim to encourage each child to become a confident, independent reader who is self-motivated to read both for pleasure and to fulfil a given purpose.


The Teaching of Phonics at Tintagel

Here at Tintagel Primary School our phonics and early reading development is centred around the Read, Write, Inc programme. Please see our policy for more detail.





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