Eco Council

Our Eco Councillors want to inspire and encourage all members of our school and local community to be more eco-friendly. The children were nominated based on their speeches and passion about making a positive contribution to our planet.

Our Eco council meets regularly to discuss ways of making our school a more eco-friendly place and address ways in which we can make a positive impact on our environment - now and for future generations. Having said this, our councillors will ensure that the ideas and opinions from all their classmates are heard and represented. They are responsible for the creating and managing our 'eco-display' where you can read about our future action plan. Their job is also to keep everyone up-to-date with their work and raise awareness of current issues. We will be working through a range of steps to try and achieve a recognised Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.

Our Eco councillors believe: we can make a positive change to our school and wider community, if we all work together.

Tintagel Primary School
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