Welcome to Tintagel Primary School

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to all who visit our Tintagel Primary School website.  These pages are designed, not only to be our window on the world, but also to offer a flavour of what it means to belong to our unique community of learners.
Situated between ancient moorland and the beautiful, rugged coastline of North Cornwall, our school locality is steeped in time-honoured stories and is a place of mystery and mythology. This rich legacy provides a vibrant context for our bespoke curriculum and, most importantly, gives our pupils a strong sense of identity.
Our core business is learning and we strongly believe that whilst in our care, every child deserves the very best opportunity to become a positive force for learning in the widest sense. As passionate educators, we strive to promote an environment which seeks to nurture pupils towards their best potential, so that they feel confident, happy and ambitious  to be the absolute best that they can be. 
We hope you enjoy this celebration of learning across our school.
 Sue Cox - Senior Head of School

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