Remote Learning Information

We continue to share the challenges and impact of Covid19 across our community. As we move forward reflecting on current government guidance, our aim is to deliver a purposeful curriculum with intent to build on the strong, refocused start that the school has already made.

In any circumstance, engagement in home learning is of significant benefit to each child’s progress. In our current situation this is even more critical to maintain learning, relationships and physical and mental well-being.

Our expectation is that all the children participate and complete the activities set on our learning platforms. These are: Tapestry for Reception children and Seesaw for Years 1 – 6.

We have supported and familiarised the school community with how to use and access this digital learning and will actively continue to encourage, monitor and support all children to ensure their participation and engagement. This will be through personalised feedback to pupil outcomes, regular phone checks ins and ongoing written communication.

Please use the ‘log in guides’ in the parent section of the school website to support you in logging in to the learning platforms. This following link can also support you with logging on if you are having difficulties -  Aspire ICT Home Login Support  

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