Class 2

Ms Thorpe

Class Teacher

Mrs Gabriel

Teaching Assistant

Miss Binney

Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Class 2, a mixed class of Year 2 and Years 3 learners, and their teachers Ms Thorpe, Mrs Gabriel and Miss Binney. 

In Class 2 we work together as tribe of dedicated learning warriors and pride ourselves on being enthusiastic and mindful learners. We all have independent ˜Learning Warrior Challenges' and take our learning extremely seriously, since we continuously strive to do our very best. We have quite a busy day at school but approach it calmly and curiously; we might be exploring how a painting can make us feel an array of different emotions, or be understanding what the place value is of the 3 in 345 -  we grow our brains all day long in lots of different directions, yet that which remains at our core throughout is our positive ˜can-do' attitude. We can always tell you the successes in our learning and when we fail, we see that as an opportunity to ˜try, try, try again'. Fortunately, we have an abundance of resilience and heaps of imagination to draw on so we are never short of solutions. Moreover, we have such caring friends and teachers in our class who come to our side when we need them. Our classroom environment is a pretty special place to enjoy our learning too!